The game called recruitment

Posted by | 30th June 2021 | Uncategorized

I have recently returned to recruitment following a period over nearly 18 months when I was forced to leave due to the problematic issue of Covid 19.

I know even hate to say the word it fills me with fear as to how it has effected the world so much it actually scares me.

So I started working in supermarket delivery for a well known company and I have to say it was quite a journey in more ways than one.

So I now have guns like a weight lifter and my knees,back etc are knackered because of all the lifting.

Anyway I have survived or at least I thought I had until I stepped back into recruitment,so it has been just over 10 days and it is a journey which I knew would be tough but this is a complete other paragraph in the book.

I have been using a cv datatbase and generally the most common phrase I have heard is “I don’t do that anymore”,it is scary to have heard that statement so many times.

So collectively we have to make changes and make the industry more welcoming and attractive to bring the talent back as well as to entice it for the future.

Thoughts and comments are welcome and good luck to all involved.

Have a great 2021,Christmas is just round the corner !!

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