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So today apparently marks the beginning of the end of furlough for over a million people.

This is going to be scary times I feel for a lot of peeps out there who are now going to have to return to work under the conditions of the employer.I think that the boot returns to the other foot again as usual.Probably mean also some people sadly losing their jobs as the employer will cherry pick and also the little chats about returning to the office.

What fun lies ahead in the employment market and the general condition of the economy will be shown warts and all.

Be safe guys and I return to normal I hope for all of us.

I have recently returned to recruitment following a period over nearly 18 months when I was forced to leave due to the problematic issue of Covid 19.

I know even hate to say the word it fills me with fear as to how it has effected the world so much it actually scares me.

So I started working in supermarket delivery for a well known company and I have to say it was quite a journey in more ways than one.

So I now have guns like a weight lifter and my knees,back etc are knackered because of all the lifting.

Anyway I have survived or at least I thought I had until I stepped back into recruitment,so it has been just over 10 days and it is a journey which I knew would be tough but this is a complete other paragraph in the book.

I have been using a cv datatbase and generally the most common phrase I have heard is “I don’t do that anymore”,it is scary to have heard that statement so many times.

So collectively we have to make changes and make the industry more welcoming and attractive to bring the talent back as well as to entice it for the future.

Thoughts and comments are welcome and good luck to all involved.

Have a great 2021,Christmas is just round the corner !!

Recruitment update

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So just wanted to post in regards to phone calls that I have been receiving for jobs being advertised for MDR Limited.

Since the start of lockdown I have been furloughed and so not presently involved with the business.

The adverts you have seen via Indeed and Glassdoor are re-posts of old jobs and these positions are not available at present.

I have not and do not advertise with these companies so please I can confirm that I have no live vacancies at present.

Apologies if you feel misled but I am unable to assist on that as not in my control.

Going forward when I am actively recruiting I will be in a position to help you and me for that matter.

Be safe everyone and we will get through this.


Mark Duffey

Pastry Chef vacancy – mid Wales

Working with high end operation in Mid Wales who are recruiting for a Pastry Chef for an award winning restaurant and the role also offers live in at a small monthly cost.

Great venue using fresh and seasonal produce,involved in all areas of pastry including dessert menu,purchasing for the pastry department and leading a small team.

£25k + for the right candidate.

Get in contact if interested on 07392 847414 or email mark@mdr.limited

#hotnewjob pastry awards #chef #wales

Candidate Testimonial

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Candidate Testimonial 
“As I was looking for the next chapter in my career I contacted Mark who was professional and personable from the first phone call. Clearly very experienced in his field his main goal was to understand what I wanted from a job and match me to a suitable vacancy as oppose to just choosing a semi suitable job. It was a very tailored experience and felt like I had full support throughout for anything big or small”
I have no hesitation recommending and will certainly be using Mark’s services in the future.

Recruitment hot jobs update

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Recruitment hot jobs update !!!!

So great start to the week with a couple of great new roles available,

Operations/Deputy General Manager for a superb client in Merseyside for a 4 star high end business with great facilities including award winning dining as well as leisure and spa,salary from £40k

Also new client in Central London for a long stay operation in super location and with high end services,the client requires similar experience of managing teams,sales and business development as well as the P&L,also guest survey scores,salary £30k.

Get in contact if either of interest with Mark on 07392 847414 or email mark@mdr.limited

#hotnewjob #hospitality #recruitment #recruiting              #newroles

Jobs for the weekend,Thursday round up

I am presently looking to recruit for the following key roles for various clients,

General Manager 4 star group hotel city centre location Cheshire £80k
Hotel Manager 4 star group hotel Reading area £40k
Operations Manager brand operation Manchester £35k
F&B Manager exclusive branded hotel mid Cheshire £35k
General Manager rooms and F&B Liverpool £33k
Restaurant & Bar Manager hotel Wirral £30k
Restaurant Manager group hotel Liverpool £30k
Restaurant Manager 4 star hotel Hampshire coast £26k
Maintenance Manager branded hotel nr Chester £35k
If interested in any of the above get in contact,call me on 07392 847414 or email mark@mdr.limited

Not Transfer Deadline Day just Friday

So though for football it is Transfer Deadline Day it isn’t in recruitment.

Lot’s of great roles out there at present both permanent and temporary,get in contact to find out more.

Follow the link or email mark@mdr.limited or call Mark on 07392 847414.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the football,rugby or just chill and January over tomorrow so have a drink !!


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Round up Friday

So another week bites the dust and ready for a fun filled weekend of sport,running as well as maybe drinking,my Dry January went after weekend 1,sorry I have 2 teenage children,it was them that made me do it.

Anyway lot’s of things happening and looking for lot’s of positions at present,so if you are ready for a new challenge get in contact.

Also just a reminder to clients that I have temp chefs available across the North West/North Wales at present as well as some front of house management.

Have a great weekend and if like me your football team is out of the cup,you can always watch the rugby !!

Midweek update

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Midweek update

So here we are another hump day in January is over so all of you on Dry January or Veganuary,well done nearly there only another 9 days to go before you can gorge on steak and chips and red wine by the box !!

Though seriously if you are well done to you so far a lot of will power needed.

Anyway we have record employment apparently which is great but makes being a recruiter very tough as no-one wants to leave and if they do they want a salary increase of at least 30%,well good luck with that.

I am working on lot’s of great jobs at present,so if you are looking for a new challenge then get in contact.

See the link below to see what is out there for you.


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